No Smoke Without Fire

Old Habits Die Hard
In the past few months Old Knudsen has had to fend off vicious slander that he is in fact not ghey. Now while there has been such photos of Angelina and Scarlett by his side there has been no proof what so ever to imply that Old Knudsen is exploring the pink stinky bits found at crotch level on his weemen companions.

Old Knudsen only likes males as the whole (nyuk nyuk) hetro thing is hurting his movie and singing career, so he'd like to introduce you to the daughter of the new boyfriend in his life.
Now I won't give you her actual name due to some legalities, her daddy might just stop sucking Old Knudsens horn of life if he give away too many secrets. Old Knudsen will just call her 'Duck face.'

I know what yer thinking and yes it could well be misconstrued as a repeat of that nasty Mexico thing from my past, but my parole officer says that as long as I stay away from schools, stables and DIY stores then I may be able to remove the ankle tag by 2017. You can read the full story on my new Facebook page.

Ok, ok, I will admit that there is a little bit of an age difference between Old Knudsen and Fabio, but its ok as its an older man and younger man and not the other way round.

The older man with a younger man means he is a charmer, an experienced lover and giver of quality, perhaps also rich with a huge knob and tight hole.

If I was with an older man he'd be a carefree lover who as he ages becomes insecure about his age as young virile men keep noticing me.

Old Knudsen hopes that the name calling will now stop as people were starting to look at me funny. I was also getting treated differently at me local pub, now the word is out that I'm still as ghey as ever I'm sure they will treat me no differently from now on.       

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