How Much is that Doggy in the Shitter

My fellow Americunts, this morning Old Knudsen has been smacked across the legs by Auntie Blogger because of his frank sexual charisma and his overt ghey protagonist stance on his fellow cuntrymen. Old Knudsen has also been accused of anti semetic undertones and cruelty to animals and Canadians. Old Knudsen has been left trembling at the might of Auntie Bloggers reactions to his stance on "friendly fire". Old Knudsen will not be silenced by any institution in power and will continue as an independent .com (as soon as he returns from vacation)

Old Knudsen would like to apologise to any dumb animals injured during the friendly fire between him and a certain western civilization next door to the seal clubbers society. Old Knudsen remains loyal to the 14 countries of his birth. Old Knudsen will need new snow shoes for his travels across Montreal, the dog turds there are notorious at this time of year. Old Knudsen has just sprayed his toilet seat with poo poo and is regretting the restaurant of his choice from the previous evening. Gooks seriously cannot cook, that is what the whole Viet Dang conflict was really about, poor chow. Old Knudsen even sprayed on his sandals as he sat and shat. Old Knudsen will very soon have to buy new pants. In fact, Old Knudsen can feel the urge to splurge his undigested dog fritters back into the bowl once more. I may be gone some time.

Meanwhile, you can read the truth about me and you, here.

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