Hello Sugartits

Well, if this scheduling thing has worked it's black magic it is now Sunday evening and all you ghod worshipping mongs are slavering over ghey porn on the intershed. Read on all ye who are now destined for hell, it's too late to save your sorry souls now. By the way, a message to Old Knudsen's Puerto Rican houseboy, if today is not Sunday then why the fuck are you in my house?

It seems that the haters have decided that Old Knudsen does not treat Can****n weemen as people. He wasn't joking when he said, "if you didn't have the crack between yer legs I wouldn't be talking to you" Just as weemen wouldn't be talking to me if they didn't think I was ghey, therefore harmless. I'm not just a piece of meat, I'm also a vegetable as well. I'm thinking egg plant due to their circumference. I have feelings too which I'll be happy to discuss after you have made a nice cup of tea, stopped bleeding and finish clubbing those baby seals.

Old Knudsen it seems has be a perpetrator of 'benevolent sexism' . Holding doors open for weemen, offering to carry shopping and offering back rubs etc........ The back rubs has gotten me banned from quite a few stores, ah well live with yer period pain then and don't expect any foot massages either yer miserable lot.

Maybe referring to weemen as 'maam, honey and sugartits' was perhaps taken in a belittling way. So Old Knudsen searched the Interweb to see what non ghey younguns call weemen, 'hoe, slut and cum bucket' seemed quite common as long as you don't call them 'chick' I suppose.

Thinking back I have also let a lot of men cum ahead of me and held my own back door open for them too, ach I'm a bad, bad person......... I suppose someone will say, "you aren't being polite, with men and weemen it's a sign that you feel dominant towards them as you are such a small ginger, bunny-eyed weasel. "

Old Knudsen feels dominant to most people, male or female, dark meat or white, tall or midget and especially hairy legged Can****ns. Will it get to the point where saying thank you will be taken as an insult? Possibly. It's true that when Old Knudsen says 'thank you' in his head he really says 'fcuk you' but that's just him, an asshole.

Manners and politeness are seen in Northern Olster as a weakness, if you let an armoured car out of traffic or someone cross the barricaded road in front of yer army landrover, 8 times out of 10 the person will ignore yer action as if they are entitled to go anyway or they will shoot you a dirty look. In certain parts of Ghod fearing Olster they will nail you to garden fences and shoot nails into your eyeballs until you admit that the Pope is the King of all Eyeland and Guinness does not make you phart. Which it does, I know, I have just cut the cheese and possibly sharted.

Moving on.

Old Knudsen won't stop being chivalrous nor will he stop holding open doors for ugly weemen and if they don't acknowledge him, as many do, he also won't stop calling after them, "Yer welcome you fat hormonal sack of saggy fleshed beetch.". You can't please everyone all the time but if this goes on then Old Knudsen will be saying fuck you and the cheeseburger you rode in on. We should all be grateful to old ghey men like me and totally overlook the times when our cocks could accidentally fall out of our shortie shorts, which only seems to happen when the schools get out.

I spent my whole life trying to get approval from my father and doubting I could be the best ghey that I could be ........ held back by my own fear, but now that I'm trapped in Montreal damn do I feel soooo superior.

Hey why is everyone not white and puffy?  Hey, do yer wanna touch my cock?


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