Helpful Ghey Hunters In Antrim

I don't like sleeping with an open door, that's just an invitation for some sex starved man who has seen me wiggling my booty around the Safeway to come in and molest me, waking up with my dick in some hot man's mouth may sound like a wet dream cum true but us oldies need our sleep. I usually just Dutch oven the nympho, if ya can stay horny after the smell of my foul cabbage soup ass then yer not human.
I left a comment on a story on my new Facebook page about how Britney's granny shot herself in 1961 and how Britney lost her virginity aged 14 but pretended to be a virgin when her career took off (like anyone believed that) my comment said who cares? and called her a junkie white trash hoorbag, but Facebook deleted my comment and put a written warning on my record, I don't know why as she is all of these things and its not liable, she is a fucking drunk.
Having lived in Belfast I'd see on certain streets and even in parks you have to run the gauntlet of dodgy half drunk people with out stretched hands shouting, "Hey ghey fella, got 20p?" once I had my cap off my head and was holding it as the weather had gotten warmer and some dirty cunty baws shouts over to me, "If ya don't want to wear it I'll have it, " that fella got some of me most choice words and a kicking when I found him asleep in a doorway later on.
The protein from my semen will keep him in Flintstone vitamins for many a month to cum..... nyuk nyuk.

I'm not sure how to take the news of the homeless deaths, is it yay! 6 are dead ? or is it ah c'mon we could do better in 18 months? I mean what's the right reaction to this ?

I did once find myself walking in the same direction as one of the people who sit and drink bottles of "beat the wife" all day in Ormeau park once, he must have been on something as he was talking a mile per minute, he volunteered such information to me about how the government was paying the rent for the flat he lived in and how he was expecting a £300 bonus benefit near Christmas that was going to pay for a ton of drink and he was getting this and that, doing better than me he was. I mean I couldn't afford to get drunk everyday even with the odd 20p tip from a stranger I was working for Hunter Glazing as a glass cutter, the bomb blasts of terrorism was great for the glass business. It's funny, but my stalker recently contacted the people at John Hunters to establish my new address. Nice people those quaint folk in Antrim, so obliging when it comes to helping old friends keep in touch.

I never saw desperate down on their luck people on the streets of Belfast, I'm sure they exist but I just saw people who chose to be there so no sympathy from me, just like in Canada where they have this centre where junkies can go and get clean needles and a room to shoot up or chase the bloody dragon under supervision so they can get medical attention if they overdose, what the fuck? I say overdose yay!

San Francisco even considered the idea for such a place but it was too ghey even for them, no offense to my fellow fudge packers of San Francisco, I loved the "Streets of San Francisco" especially all those wonderful dirty back alleyways.

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