Young Boys, Old Men

Old Knudsen was feeling in a reflective mood, thinking about past loves as he was going through his massive collection of sex tapes purchased secretly in Thailand.
The Jedward twins are lovely lads, each furnished with a shapely ass and nipples like rivets. Old Knudsen met them in 2011 on a beach in Southern Callyfornia. If ya look up Old Knudsen's dating profiles you'd see he likes long walks on the beach, he also likes sunsets, anal bleaching, young guys with cum stiffened hair and of course pissing through door letterboxes.

Most other ghey boys who haven't met Old Knudsen yet never know that a part of them is dying with despair and loneliness as they don't know any better and as soon as they met him its like their life makes sense at last and they are complete and at one.

Ghey men want to do Old Knudsen and butch weemen want to be him.... its a fact. Some straight men want to do him too, yes you know who you are ya naughty boys.

We hit it off right away, Old Knudsen filled that certain gap in their life that um needed filled. Old Knudsen was working as a stuntman/bounty hunter at the time, but Jedward didn't like him facing danger on a regular basis and begged him to quit. They wanted Old Knudsen to be a kept man a trophy boyfriend that they would sex up and bend over backwards to please night after night, day after day with tons of coke to snort and other sexy pop tarts to join in.
Old Knudsen was convinced. He enjoyed the feeling of young skin outside of old flesh.

Soon the great sex with 2 of the hottest boys in Eyeland and the constant sex parties got a bit boring and Old Knudsen yearned to get beaten up or take a fall down some stairs again.

I love you both but I'm not in love with you, its not you its me ...... well it is you a little bit like when you fart and you yell " Krakatoa!" that's a bit annoying especially during sex or when we have company over for dinner...... Old Knudsen shouts "Jackpot!" when he farts btw but only when there are lumps.

We broke up. They took it as you would expect and Old Knudsen had to get a restraining order. Jedward kept their hair gel and I kept the Tupperware collection. Afterall, all's fair in love and whore.


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