Dr Knudsen

You’ll no doubt be aware that while I was hiding out from the pedo police in America I spent my time beneath the floorboards of a Texas whore house creating my own artificial form of life. No? You must have a life, unlike my bad self. Anyhoo, it was pretty big news. It’s a big leap forward from growing deformed ears on the backs of scabby rats, or putting seed-genes from tomatoes into cucumbers before inserting them up the back passage of youthful Mexican boys, or whoever I could kidnap off the streets, just so they stay fresher for a few days. The cumbers not the assholes of Mexican boys for crying out loud. It has pretty much flung open the doors for subhumans like me to just create whatever life form we want from scratch! Amazing, huh?! Instant friends in a packet.
Remember that sketch you drew once of a hairy fucking chimpanzee with eight arms and six cocks? Well now we can grow that, and it’ll be a real living beast! And let’s not stop there, with this shit you don’t even need to start with a base animal. You could completely come up with your own design and create a life form all of your own that the world has never seen before; like a creature that’s just a perfectly spherical brain with no eyes or legs or anything, and so has to shimmy instead of walk. The possibilities are endless.
But, let’s get real, nobody’s going to want just any crap like that walking (or shimmying) around. It’ll probably be quite expensive to make these creatures, so we’d best make sure they’re going to be popular.  Above is one of the earlier experiments. Ignore the shit around his back pussy, that was me after a third of a bottle of bourbon. Hey, even retards like me have to mate occasionally.

Next week I plan to mate a lady boy and and a lesbian. I think I might call it an MJ, but only if its legs are hairy enough.

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