Knudsens Fresh Hump

Last weekend Knudsen bumped into this fellow coming out of the bushes in his local park after dusk. Nice young fellow apart from the bad breath and ginger pubic hair thatch. After we had bumped uglies for a fervent half hour and I had wiped his sticky jizz from the rear of my shorts I invited him home to Knudsen's ultra secret lair in Ulster-Town-by-the-sea. We discussed premature balding and the importance of wearing good quality tennis shoes when out stalking our prey during inclement weather here in County Bogtrotterville. Apart from the fact that everything he said was crap and bored me rigid enough to slip into a cerebral coma at a moments notice, he turned out to be an excellent house guest. He didn't even mind being bound in old fisherman's twine and bundled into a creel basket and hidden in the loft attic all week. I was always taught to put my playthings away when I had finished abusing them.

Last night I removed the 8 ball and the leather gag from his rather feminine mouth and fed him on whatever the rats had left behind after munching on his one remaining foot. No, actually it was ravioli on toast, but I do like to embellish whenever possible. Whoa, just look at how big my cock is! See?There I go again. So, this weekend Knudsen is planning on putting the meat in this young fellows oven and pumping his ginger ass until the tide has come in at least twice more than me. Just a shame about that receding hairline though, still even the ugly ones need fucking regularly too.

Have a good weekend you miserable sons-a-bitches.

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