Gang Bang Your Dead

What is this terrible world coming to when a gay man cannot cruise his local park looking for a fat dick to munch on without getting mugged? Although Knudsen the original gay cruiser is grateful the beefy sword swallower didn't actually blow me away with the big black pistola concealed about his groin I am still kinda pissed that he made me shat in my new pants out of fright for my worthless old life. I am not a criminal myself, male rape, rimming and belching is legal in Mississippi of course, so my last run in with the Sheriff was nothing to tell your Maw about. Normally I like to linger in the park after sundown, so much to do other than meet aged oddballs in the foliage. If you have never watched other peoples pooches sniff new butts then take a shit on the sidewalk you really have not lived buster! Anyhoo, straight after you popped out your peeny I very nearly evacuated my bowels at the thought of the fun about to unfold itself from your zipper. You had to go and spoil it though. The occasional whiff of cock cheddar can be an aphrodisiac in the right circles, but your smegma was thicker than Goldilocks porridge for chrisakes. And to think I nearly blew you right then and there. Whadda-mistaka-to-maka huh?
Anyways, back to the park, it's nearly dark and I would not want to miss you coming again. Awesome.

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