007 Star in Ghey Sex Shocker

If ya ever meet someone that hasn't heard of Old Knudsen just get them to look him up in the Monthly Ghey News, cos he is totally representing Eyeland in the gay stakes. A proud, ghey, gravy dripping, witty, charming, street fighting, gun-slinging, time traveling hornivore with a taste for man flesh. A sex offender ..... yes Old Knudsen offends both sexes but they still want to fcuk him or want to be him. When Ghod created earth he looked over all that he had made and saw that it was good ......... Old Knudsen piped in and added, "I've seen better."

Old Knudsen is a taker of cock a giver and a returner of spoiled goods as he always keeps the receipts . In this time of  homo war, recession and famine just take comfort in the knowledge that Old Knudsen has always been here and always will be to molest the victims of war, recession and famine. He will also find the time to finger your tiny asshole as he sucks on yer cock.
So as Old Knudsen, the 8th wonder of the werld was saying. The Americunt navy were in town today. Old Knudsen has nothing against ghey navy pukes, its a lifestyle choice, not everyone could be army tough like Old Knudsen wishes he was. Let them bum each other at the bottom of the sea and on yon foamy waves it beats working for a living.
It was like Sodomy and Gonorrhea but without yon angels to smite all round. Don't ask don't tell is over so they all want to do is tell. Its not ghey if we're underway and 110 men go out, 55 couples return.

All those tight bell bottomed pants were too much for Old Knudsen, he does like yon bit of up the bum, nae babies, but in a manly, butch non mincing way. Remember navy boys, never leave your buddy's behind!

Old Knudsen decided to get away from all the semen and head to the clap clinic to see my doctor.

Old Knudsen read this medical site on the Intershed, it says that Old Knudsen may have epilepsy but the thing is it's only when Old Knudsen dances and its only in his left side ........ach you straight laymen and weemen don't have a clue.
Old Knudsen went off to the pox clinic in Ballycuntsie for a walk in appointment as he had nothing better to do. The NHS is free so why not abuse it? Oh and for those of you concerned about Old Knudsen from last week he does not have Yellow fever it was only nicotine staining.

So, Old Knudsen was sitting there in all his grea gheytness chatting away with anyone silly enough to sit near him and guess who walked in ......... can ya guess? is the above picture giving you a clue?

Yes, Sean Connery Bond walked in, Old Knudsen shits you not. Nice cap BTW.

The big celebs are always out and about these days in Eyeland, on Tuesday I saw yon chubby slut with the big ass and teeth from the X Factor getting off the bus and I swear I saw the ghost of Jabba the Hut reflected in a shop windy just yesterday.

Sean Connery Bond cums in with his swollen purple cock in his hand looking vague, he doesn't wait to get called up to the reception desk he just strolls on up. Then he gets told to just head on round WTF! Old Knudsen is feeling his epilepsy starting to reach his heart there may no be much time left for the old ghey fella having trouble breathing.

Old Knudsen did collapse and was seen right away, fcuk you ya Hollywood celebrity goat diddler, away and feed off some young run aways or suck some stem cells out of a few wee babies. Preferential treatment indeed.

The nurses insisted that 007 was nowhere near the clinic but they would say that for security reasons and all, the cuntz.
It turns out that Old Knudsen is not epileptic and got it confused with alcoholic ...... easy to do when yer smelling and tasting your own piss on an hourly basis.

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