The "C" Word

Right about now I will be drunk or masturbating in the snowy wilderness of Montreal. I'd normally be arrested by my third day in a foriegn city, but I'm packing my new Nikes and hoping to get the drop on those mongy mounties should the balloon go up and one of my abductees escapes. Wish me luck.

On with the show.
Abraham Lincoln was born 1809 (6:09 pm) in a log cabin near the town of Buttfuck Kentucky. His mother luckily held her legs together until they had crossed over the border from that nearby cuntry that begins with a "C". Old Knudsen is no longer allowed to talk about the "C" word anymore. Like other boys Abe often got into trouble. One time he chopped down a cherry tree with his big chopper just for kicks. His parents were mightiful angry as that along with fried chicken was their main source of food. "I cannot tell a lie" lisped young Abe in a shrill high pitched voice "It was Toby, Old man Knudsen's slave."

Currently plodding through the land of peasants, Old Knudsen remembers how he used to sit there in his trailer park back in the slums of Amurika with no need nor want of any form of visa his mind turns to the problem of immigration here in his homeland.
Bogtrotterville is facing the problems Amurika has been facing for decades. Fucking immigrants who will work harder and for less than us. It isn't fair so I am going to bitch and whine for a while on this topic as it is now against the law to mention that cuntry which begins with a "C" where they club baby seals to death as their national sport.

Don't worry all you hooked nosed money lending deity killers, yer not the target of this rant, you and the other ghey skinheaded Neo-Nazis are cool now due to holding similar points of view as in who needs to be thinned.

I'm not touchin upon the whole darkie thing, that is too sensitive especially with the Obarmy slavery card currently up the nations sleeve. Nah, we're just turning the Afreekin Amurikunts who weren't slaves white, its probably what they want anyway, I mean who wouldn't want to be this pale and white? Its fucking awesome and really shows off our bright ginger hair!

It's those fuckin muzzies thats the problem, especially after we invaded them. We want the extremists out and we'll kick in anyones door just to achieve it. Breetain is a Christian cuntry of ghey love, so get the fuck out of it while you can before the Jojoba witnesses come-a-knockin.

Don't forget those raggies that sell us out of date beer and high priced ghey porno mags in the corner shop on Christmas Day! Ok they might also be Indian but unless they wear their feathers and ride horses I can't fuckin tell for sure. £8 for a quick wank is bordering on extortion!

It was about 1891 when the world census on immygrints was first published and the thieving Slavs realised the Berlin wall  had fallen down due to poor workmanship and it was time to move. The census excludes Eyeland since it isn't really Britain and no one gives a fuck about anything you can't get drunk on. Anyway, the enlightened people of Olster take care of their own problems by intimidating the filthy Romanian people with threats of violence making them think that maybe Romania wasn't so bad. Nowhere is as bad as Antrim, that much I do know, unless you count that gay biker village just outside of Fresno. I still can't get the cum stains out of my chaps. Thanks chaps.

Take a good look at the dirty Romanian gypsy weemen, for fucks sake you'd have to be a ghey animal molester to find them attractive, no offense to the ghey horse cock sucker brigade who live in that horrible, cold, seal clubbing cuntry that is against the law to mention, but not illegal to murder baby seals with a club.

Why was Bogtrotterville excluded from the study? We had at least a couple of darkies, also some chinks and durty raggies that ran the non cabbage restaurants. We should have been included for fuck sake.

Poor Northern Eyeland with its Protestant minority. Like Haggisland and Wales it dated Englund but now Englund wants to break up, but Northern Eyeland pretends it wants to just stay friends but thats a ploy to either get back with England or fuck it up, 'getting dumped revenge.'

Its over, time to move on and date the competition, ugly catlick Eyeland ........... you'd fuck it after a few pints but you'd be stupid to commit, although they do like it up the wrong hole which can only be a bonus in the right circle, nyuk nyuk.

Britain still has a lot to learn from us,  like what constitutes beauty and how to deal with immigration. You piss in the well so they can't drink ......... ok you can't drink either I didn't say it was a smart plan. If you don't like what I write then fuck off and read Mago, you'll be asleep before you know it.

As a nation Olster stands out when it cums to intolerance, we only stole some Irish land in the north east, the Amurikunts stole all the Injun land, learn ya fuckers from our great example! I refuse to be drawn into the whole empire thing as the ungrateful cunts that kicked me out really upset me.
Why do you not want to be ruled by us? Maybe you should look deep within yerself and figure out what yer fuckin problem is.

Moments after this paragraph was written someone threw a KFC drumstick into the dumb "C" crowd and a deadly seal clubbing feeding frenzy began. Many seal clubbers are 3rd class citizens and deserve the 'dumb' mantle especially if they enter a civilized cuntry illegally draped in fur and lesbian dog turds.

If I again lived in a cardboard box with my family and my many ghey small children didn't have health care, food or education because the chemical plant closed and put the whole town out of work and people want the little I have and will knife me for it in a heart beat and the police won't care, I would patiently apply and made sure I paid the $1000 up front for the papers and made sure I earned $30.000 a year to become a citizen as that is respectful of the cuntry. Nah just kidding, you'd have to be some kind of mong, you do what you have to do fer yer family to survive. Apart from clubbing baby seals to death in that awful cuntry that begins with a "C".

I hope I've shown you the ugly face of immigration, something needs to be done. Its a pity we no longer have the great ghey Richard the Lion hearthrug to save us.......... ok he was ghey and French and hardly spoke English and was quite anti-Jew. He may have said England was "cold and always raining," and when he was raising funds for his crusade, he was said to declare, "I would have clubbed seals too if I had a bigger club."

Never mind that, I think we can all agree that non wussy French, Norman, Angle, Saxon, Jutes and Danes are as British as football hooliganism and bad teeth and food, its the durty foreigners we have to deal with.

New York had a recently naturalised US citizen trying to blow it up. He is my only straight non ghey hero. If it wasn't for Jack Bauer and his talking penis the NYC would be fucked, but he remembered the Dr Seuss One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and knew what wire to cut with just 7 seconds on the clock.

New York is getting as bad a Iraq or even ghey Lurgan these days. Wow, imagine someone paying the fees, passing the tests and requirements and swearing an oath just to take a dump on immygrints. Its like a plan or something, what should we do? Lets waste time and go after the poor darkie families that just want a break in life because if they can't pay they must be cunts!

After this post I'm not sure where I stand.................. oh yeah stop being silly twats and unite against the durty terrorists and the real criminals in the world. People of whatever color and language who just want to live in peace get fucked about enough without ginger cunts like me putting them down on copycat blogs that mimic the biggest immygrint of us all. Little old ghey me,

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