Special K - The Ghey

Those were the days, back in the days when the Americunts loved me. Back in the days when I was a wrestler.' Special K' I was known as, because I am Special and me name is Knudsen, get it? That was before special was a nickname for a mong and before the fucking cereal company that took me to court and forced me to stop using the name, I even came up with a merger idea, Old Knudsen kicks the shite out of you, Special K shites the shite out of you, but no, they ended up going for female models showing their front pussies to entice morons to buy it. You can see in this photo I was in me prime with both legs and firm man titties. I could get the fucking fatties to buy the cereal now, just look at me, I'm 90% muscle and 20% charm, fucking buy it you fat shites, and soon you could look like me. A lost chance for the company to be sure, and where are they now?

I've fought and destroyed Wrestlers like, Bomber Harris, Pee Wee Sherman and The Bridgeport Fister, I was a champion, just me on my own was a tag team, they knew they were going to get hurt when they enter my ring, "enter my ring at yer peril" I would say to them and they would giggle nervously I suppose you could describe it.
I tried to get more than one at a time into my ring,"c'mon ya pansies I can take 5 of yous at once , I'm a real man".

My classic move would be the money shot, then I would rip their ass apart, if you think its fake then look at all the blood as I pounded away, the ring would be slippery and covered in blood but that's the way I like it.

Boys all over Europe and even in the States practiced the money shot, I was a sort of hero, my move has even been featured in many movies, I never received any residuals for it but I don't mind the fame and the glory was enough for me, like a modern day Gladiator.

When I had to change my name because of the court case everything changed. Me as the Fighting Fogey never drew in the crowds, a fickle lot Blog readers, er I mean Wrestling fans. I'd lost in court and they just didn't want to know anymore.

In case you're wondering, its ok to wear weemens panties as Wrestling shorts as long as you smash yer enemies and get drunk before and after the battle so I brought pride to my fine fag following. I was a little worried that they made my ass look big though.

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